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The 4th Annual PROFORMA consortium meeting

The 4th Annual PROFORMA consortium meeting was held virtually via Zoom between 3rd & 5th February 2021, hosted by Karolinska Institutet. During the three-day event, PROFORMA project progress report and activities conducted under the six project work packages in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda was presented and discussed.

The National pharmacovigilance plan that was developed based on the findings from the baseline assessments, and the strategic interventions introduced so far in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda was presented and discussed.

Results from the active safety and efficacy surveillance of drugs used for the prevention and control of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminths (in Ethiopia and Rwanda), and lymphatics filariasis (in Kenya and Tanzania) was presented by the PROFORMA PhD students and discussed. Currently 12 postgraduate students (7 PhDs + 5 MSc) are being trained under the PROFORMA project.

Experience was shared by the local university working group about implementation of the PROFORMA undergraduate pharmacovigilance curriculum as standalone module, and the Pharmacovigilance E-learning module for health care professionals.

Online participants on the 4th Annual PROFORMA consortium meeting.

3rd PROFORMA Annual Pharmacovigilance training

The 3rd PROFORMA pharmacovigilance training on “Signal Detection and Management” was held online over a period of five days between 27th January to 12th February 2021. The training was given by Professor Eugene van Puijenbroek and Dr Lean Rolfes from The Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre Lareb. The training was delivered through lectures, group assignments and scientific papers discussion, in which the two main methods of signal detection were applied: ‘case series analysis’ and ‘statistical signal detection’.

A total of 48 individuals working at the national medicine regulatory authorities, medical universities, the neglected tropical diseases programs and immunization programs, healthcare professionals and pharmacists from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda participated in this training. A certificate of attendance was issued to participants after completion of the training.

Online participants on the 3rd PROFORMA Annual Pharmacovigilance training.

4th Proforma Annual meeting, February 3-5 2021. Via Zoom.

3rd PROFORMA Annual Meeting, February 2020, Kenya

2nd PROFORMA Annual PV training, February 2020, Kenya

Launching of the PROFORMA Undergraduate PV curriculum

2nd Annual meeting for PROFORMA and PV training May 2019


PROFORMA Country Launch in Rwanda December 2018

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Kick-off event 2018

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