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PROFORMA kick-off meeting & BLA – Kenya

The in-country launch of the PROFORMA project in Nairobi, Kenya was on done 22 nd  October. the launch was attended by all PV stakeholders including PHPs, NMRA staff, health care providers and workers as well as university staff from the teaching hospital. The programme was officially launched by the registrar of Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) and a representative from the Ministry of Health. The BLA in Kenya was a PROFORMA only activity. As previously done in Tanzania and Kenya, institutions including the Kenyan NMRA, PPB, the teaching hospital, University of Nairobi, 5 Health facilities, 10 MAHs and 3 PHPs including the HIV programme, The National AIDS and STIs Control Program (NASCOP), National Vaccines and Immunization Program (NVIP)  were included in the assessment. The assessment was between 23 rd to 26 th October.


Active surveillance of first triple therapy (IDA) campaign for LF in Mombasa, Kenya

Approximately, 7000 participants out of the 10000 participants that will be actively followed were prescreened for LF.

Active Cohort Event Monitoring of MDA (DA) for prevention and control of LF <em>in Kenya

The Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) from Mombasa county where the active surveillance will be taking place were trained. Additionally, 390 data collectors including Community Drug Distributors (CDDs) were trained on PV safety and the study protocol.

MDA training, Field work

Active Safety monitoring of Measles &amp; Rubella vaccine in Kenya

The MR protocol was reviewed in conjunction with the representatives from the National Vaccines and Immunization Programme (NVIP). This was a one-day activity where the protocol was discussed in detail. Relevant feedback was received from the local stakeholders some of which will be incorporated into the protocol.


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