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PROFORMA participation at the 20th ISoP 2021 CONFERENCE (8-10 November 2021)

Prof Eleni Aklillu, gave oral presentation about PROFORMA project at the 20th International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) conference – “Integrated Pharmacovigilance for Safer Patients” Muscat, Oman, 08-10 November 2021

Topic Section: Coordinating key stakeholders of national pharmacovigilance

Title of oral presentation: Supporting Coordinated Pharmacovigilance in Regulatory, Academic and Public Health sectors – the PROFORMA project”

Link to her PowerPoint presentation at ISoP conferences.!sessiondetails/0000169720_0

PROFORMA PhD students’ presentations at the 10th EDCTP Forum (17th – 21st November)

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